Patent / Utility Innovation

Patent / Utility Innovation

Patent / Utility Innovation

Patent Rights & Protection

From developing a novel prescription drug to the creation of renewable energy, great inventions have the potential to effect transformational change in all areas of our lives. 

The technically innovative aspects of new items or processes are the ones that can be protected by a patent. If you believe that your invention is something that your competitors would attempt to duplicate if they had the means, you should think about filing a patent application. 

A patent may be used to protect any of your innovations, such as a product, or method that fulfils specific requirements for novelty, inventive steps and industrially applicable A patent also strengthens your corporate image since companies that invest in product research and development are seen as the most innovative and competitive in their respective industries.


Our services include:

  • Patent drafting
  • Prior art (Patentability / Novelty) searches and market investigations
  • Freedom to Operate searches
  • General advice regarding patent filing strategies
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting Malaysian and/or international patent application
  • Facilitating the registration of patent in other jurisdictions
  • Patent watches to identify competitors’ application and registration
  • Managing maintenance and renewal of granted patent
  • Advising on infringement and invalidation of granted patent
  • Negotiating amicable settlement and drafting co-existence agreement
  • Negotiating and drafting license and/or assignment agreement
  • Conducting patent due diligence and portfolio management
  • Patent valuation

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With the technical understanding of your invention that we have gained from our members of the Malaysia Patent Agent, we can provide valuable insights into developing a robust patent strategy to support your business development.

When you own a patent, you have access to the power to stop someone from using your concept for up to 20 years for commercial reasons, such as manufacturing or selling. This right gives you the ability to restrict and prohibit someone from utilising your idea without your permission. Without a legitimate patent, you have no legal authority to engage in any activity.

Please refer to our Patent FAQs about Patents for more information on patent law.

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